Thursday, July 03, 2008

It had to happen...

In the words of the venerable Blessed Kurt Marquart, pastor, professor, and confessor [requiescat in pace]: "What does one say?"

At least we can rest assured that there likely won't be any prayer vigils at the gas pumps on Saturday.

Rubric Number One: Incense and candles shall not be used!


The Priestman said...

Of course, the real reason you post the picture above is to draw to our attention your uncanny resemblance to the fallen leader of the nation's largest civil rights organization.

Well played.

The Priestman

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Priestman:

On this Fourth of July, lest we forget: "And Moses saith unto Pharaoh: '...from my cold, dead, fingers.'"*

* Some early manuscripts add:

"' dirty ape.' And Aaron, taking up his staff, saith: 'O Pharaoh, what part of "shall not be infringed?" dost thou not comprehend? This matter verily doth not concern the hunting of ducks and of geese and of divers fowl.' And Moses saith: 'Let my people go.'"