Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Gift Idea

If you're looking for something unique as a gift idea, I have a capital idea - some of the most extraordinary coffee you will ever drink from Bean's Coffee Company. I had previously blogged about them here.

I know it sounds like I'm getting a commission or something, but I'm really not! The stuff is just that good! I'm blown away every time I make it - and that is at least once a day, every day - sometimes more.

The Hollywood family continues to procure coffee from this local family-owned business, and it has been excellent every single time, without exception. The DalDegans obviously love what they are doing, and they do it with excellence in mind. It's always great to see at least one of them at the Gretna Farmer's Market just about every Saturday, and they truly understand that the quality they put into their product is the cause of great joy to their customers. They really do get a kick out of it!

Bean's is offering a couple new varieties: the Christmas Blend (which has a hint of nuttiness - perhaps iconic of New Orleans in a way, and is festive and delicious) and the signature New Orleans blend of coffee and chicory (called Bean's with Chicory) - which is likewise simply delicious, and is the real Crescent City deal (perfect for making café au lait). We also discovered recently that they do have a decaf variety: Sumatra Decaf - which serves us well as evening looms.

Anyway, I'm thinking that with the way the economy is going, we could all use a lot less "stuff." Instead of buying more plastic junk that will eventually clog our landfills and export all our dollars to China, why not buy gifts for people that they will consume, savor, and enjoy rather than put on a shelf until the next yard sale? And, as a bonus, this is a real American business run by a real American family. They care about their product, and it is simply untouchable in terms of quality.

Just for laughs, try putting a cup of Bean's next to a cup of Starbuck's and do a taste test. For all the hype (and cost), let's face it, Starbuck's is eau de chausettes ("sock water"). You will never want to drink that swill again. Ever.

When you put in an order with Bean's, your coffee is then (and only then) roasted, ground (unless you want the whole beans), and shipped within 48 hours. They seal their coffee in these really cool super-high quality ziplock bags that you have to then tear open (though they reseal easily). And when you open it, you just can't believe what you are seeing and smelling. The beans literally glisten with the oils (for kicks, compare these beans with anything you will buy in the store). And the aroma - you just can't believe it is possible for something to be so glorious and to fill the entire room!

We like to buy whole beans and grind them to order ourselves - whether we are making espresso/cappuccino, or French-pressed, or are in a hurry and use the auto-drip. But you can either buy the roasted beans or let Bean's grind them for you, literally seconds before they are sealed in the bag.

The price varies slightly with the blend, but I find Bean's to be very competitive ($11.00-11.50/lb) with what you would pay for grocery store "premium" coffee beans - which are downright ancient and stale by comparison.

So, if you're looking for something a little different for a gift idea, here it is. Just be sure to have some sent to yourself as well as a reward for your generosity and discriminating taste. We like the Tanzanian Peaberry (hint hint).


Lotzastitches said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Might be just the right gift for a hard to shop for coffee lover. I'm looking at the Costa Rican Tarrazu...chocolaty...can't go wrong with that!

Mossback Meadow said...

Tried to order from them but their website would not process my payment.

Monique said...

Sounds like the Hollywood family is just as serious about their coffee as the Miller Family is!

We currently are big Starbucks fans. I know, I know, can we still be friends?

We are going to take you up on the challenge and do our own taste test. Thanks for the recommendation.

Father Hollywood said...


I just called Bean's, and they aren't aware of any website issues - but they're going to check it out.

Meanwhile, if you still can't get in, you can call them at 504-237-6760 or e-mail them at: beans at beanscc dot com.

BTW, I just grabbed a bag of Bean's to get their phone number, and I was unable to resist inhaling the bag. Ahhhh! Now I think I need to go and make some decaf...

Father Hollywood said...

Hey Monique!

I don't know if Beans will deliver to St. Bernard Parish or not, but if you send Father Miller over to Gretna, I can send him off with some of the good stuff for you to sample.

But if you still prefer St*****ks, we can still be friends. We're so crazy, we're even friends with people who don't drink coffee (though the thought of it makes me cross myself...). Besides, y'all are role models to us in terms of your taking serious the role to "be fruitful and multiply," but I just don't think the Beanes have sufficient time to catch up with the Millers! At times, Leo seems to be the work of three children - which still puts us behind.

And I didn't know y'all read my blog! I'm really honored.

(Note: Monique's husband is a very faithful LCMS pastor who was one of my classmates)

Dixie said...

We recently enjoyed our second order from Bean's...this time we added the Costa Rican Tarrazu to the mix and it was wonderfully full bodied. personal favorite remains the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It is most deceptive. Initially it would seem to be light bodied but then this lovely smooth flavor develops and lingers after the sip is swallowed. Most unusual and yummy. Mr. Dixie's favorite is the Tanzanian Peaberry, too. Glad you recommended Bean's!