Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Pink Taliban

The militant homosexual movement is not content with all sorts of special legal protections denied to heterosexuals, recognition of their civil unions across the country, and a cultural full-court press to exalt their lifestyle in Hollywood and in corporate America, they are now fomenting hatred against churches.

See here and here for a couple reports about the recent incident of invasion and blasphemy during services at a church in Lansing, Michigan.

There is also a movement of hatred on the rise against not only Christians, but all conservative religious movements, in California, where the voters amended the state constitution to define marriage to be limited to a one man one woman arrangement. Mormon temples and Christian churches are being targeted, and the ridiculous propagandistic TV ad aired for California voters does not bode well for those who adhere to Scripture, common sense, and natural biology on this issue.

I suspect these kinds of tactics will increase. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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