Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Signs of the (hard, but also hopeful) Times

The well-heeled management of American Express, having run their business into the ground through bad investment and stupidity, want you and me to pay for their mistakes through their getting a piece of the bailout, as are all sorts of businesses lining up at the trough. Meanwhile, the executive bonuses continue to roll (I'm still waiting for my thank you card).

And, a good number of these "poor pitiful" corporations that are going to go out of business without the fleecing, I mean "bailout", can somehow afford to hire high-priced lobbyists to schmooze Congress for goodies. Great gig, huh? It sure beats making smart decisions and hiring competent people with integrity to run your company.

And thanks to the same mismanagement and incompetence in government, the U.S. may now lose its AAA credit rating and essentially go bankrupt. But not to worry, the Democrats are seeking to nationalize a share of the "big three" so the Federal government can run the car companies, control the means of production, and share the wealth. Why didn't we think of this sooner, Comrades. From each according to his ability...

But there is some good news. Not everybody is drinking the Kool-Aid. Here is an example of common sense (wow!) from an economist, and here is evidence that not all of our citizens are clueless either. There are signs that the people do not see the solution in borrowing and spending, but rather in thrift.

And here is an interesting list of things we can do to save money. Not all of these are applicable to everyone, but it's nice to see some discussion happening.

In spite of the hard times to come, there is indeed reason to be optimistic about the economy in the long run. It will not be big imperial government, tax and spend Democrats, borrow and spend Republicans, nor lobbyists and worthless executives that will bring this malaise to an end - but rather the common sense of the people being coaxed along by the real world and by the market.

I think this Saturday Night Live skit has it just right.

Maybe the banksters in New York and the crooks in Washington need to watch more SNL.

Meanwhile, any good recipes for Spam, anyone?


Orianna Laun said...

Yes, I have some good ones for Spam!

Peter said...

Reminds me of the Monty Python skit, where the restaurant serves, basically, and almost solely, SPAM!
"Would you like the spam and eggs? Or the ham and spam? Or the eggs and spam, with a side of spam?"