Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another young international freedom-fighter

Hat tip to Rev. Mike Keith of Saskatchewan.

The "human rights" commissions and tribunals in Canada are an odd, Orwellian extra-judicial imposition against liberty, through which the state attacks human rights in the name of human rights. It was a similar commission that fined a Christian pastor in British Columbia for nothing more than quoting Scripture in a newspaper ad.

Ezra Levant is a Jewish conservative/libertarian magazine publisher and blogger who courageously published a controversial cartoon that was offensive to some Muslims. His opening remarks to the commission both eviscerate the proceedings and strike a mighty blow for liberty.

This is just Mr. Levant's opening statement. Several other portions of the proceedings are posted on YouTube, though his opening statement is the best part.

The charges against him were eventually withdrawn. But these tyrannical structures still exist in Canada, and their very existence among civilized people is an affront that crosses borders. I hope freedom-loving Canadians will rally around Ezra Levant and call for their abolition.

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