Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Subversion of the Subversion

A tip of the hat is due to my "blogleague" in faith and in liberty, Greg.

Here is a post over at his blog: The Holy Cause promoting the weekly news program devoted to liberty and the Constitution: Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano.

The show airs on Wednesday afternoons on the cable network FOX-News, and thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, you can watch it live or as captured on YouTube. Like Greg, I've included a widget here on Father Hollywood. Click on the widget for a replay of the latest program.

Freedom Watch is finally making a viewpoint heard that has been previously suppressed - even on FOX News - which in the past has not given this particular element of conservatism a hearing. That has finally changed.

I've labeled the widget "Subversive TV" - as according to Judge Napolitano's unrelated namesake, Janet Napolitano (the bumbling Secretary of Homeland Security [sic]), people like Judge Napolitano and those he has on his program are to be watched carefully by law enforcement personnel. I put that widget right under "Subversive Radio" - which is a link to Issues, Etc. - which is considered similarly subversive by certain people in high places of a certain Missouri-based church body.

Isn't it sad when advocating traditional Christianity and upholding the Constitution makes one some kind of "subversive"? We're only "subversive" because the world has been "inverted."

The English word "subversive" is from Latin (subverso) which means "to turn upside down." And indeed, that's what both of these programs are trying to do: to take that which has been inverted, and set it right again.

This "subversion of the subversion" is happening in both the kingdom of the Church and the kingdom of the State. The world has indeed been turned upside down.

Join the Subversives!

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