Friday, November 27, 2009

Eulogies and Thrivent

An interesting post by Pastor Christopher Esget regarding an article by Thrivent instructing Lutherans that eulogies are not part of Lutheran worship, and then giving people tips on how to do it and how to get their pastors to do it.

If Thrivent really wants to help, they should help us teach people why eulogies are inappropriate and that the purpose of funerals is to proclaim the gospel of Christ and to focus on His life and works, not to draw attention to the deceased Christian's life and works.

I know Thrivent can be helpful as the successors to AAL and Lutheran Brotherhood, providing opportunities for matching funds, etc. But Thrivent, being a pan-Lutheran organization, also has a dark side, for example, by being a way to smuggle pictures of gals in collars with "Rev." in front of their names into Missouri Synod churches by way of their literature and magazines. And after the latest ELCA assembly, perhaps we'll even soon be reading articles "normalizing" the unnatural regarding marriage as well. How long before same-sex couples are featured in their articles?

Intended or not, Thrivent is doing things to make it more difficult to be faithful to what the Scriptures and the Symbols of the Lutheran churches teach and confess.

Fr. Esget's blog is well worth reading!

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Rev. Esget was the vicar at Norman my first year -- and took me through the Augsburg confession -- and is one of the major reasons decided to head to the Sem. Worth reading indeed!