Thursday, November 12, 2009

When guns are outlawed...

Here is a sobering warning about tyranny.

This is exactly what happens when governments outlaw firearms, when juries (largely thanks to public school indoctrination) are ignorant of their right to nullify such verdicts (instead of spending 20 minutes to obediently send an innocent man to prison for five years), and when brain-dead bureaucrats are permitted to exercise power.

The people of the UK fell asleep at the switch, and the Americans are not far behind.

This is yet another reminder that one should never make any statement to the police without legal representation.

If there is any sane person in the entire British legal system, this man will be cleared - which is why I'm not optimistic.


Libertas said...

Rev. Beane,

I ask the following question as a fellow Lutheran and liberty (Austrian libertarian) minded individual. Are socialist policies such as social security and medicare sinful? On what basis are these programs sinful? Are they akin to theft by majority vote? I have a hard time seeing how they are not theft, but I am open to a good explanation why that are not so.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Libertas:

I can't say I disagree with you. I do think Social Security and Medicare are 1) contrary to the Constitution, 2) involve theft through a coercive transfer of property, and 3) are rooted in Godless Marxism.

In the long run, these programs will destroy millions of lives when (and not "if") they become insolvent. They are Ponzi schemes without a mathematical chance of success over time.

Politicians and bureaucrats benefit in the short term, the American people suffer over the long term.

But as a pastor, I have to be careful not to make people think *they* are sinning if they accept Medicare or Social Security checks. People paid into this system, and we, as a society, have become so dependent upon it that it can't simply be shut off like a light switch without creating misery and poverty for millions of people.

If our politicians are truly ethical (I can't type over the sound of everyone laughing...), they will seek an exit strategy from this dead-end before it falls under its own weight.

If people are smart, they will wean themselves off of dependency on the Ponzi system. Of course, being taxed as we are by all levels of government and having an increasingly worthless dollar hardly makes it easy to do so.

Thanks for writing!