Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now, but not yet...

"Now" (Jefferson) is on the right, "Not yet" (Nagin) is on the left. "Life" is the magazine, it is not a prison sentence, though it is tempting...

Yesterday's front page of the New Orleans Times Picayune was devoted to crime. That's not news. But this was apparently a special crooked politician (sorry to be redundant) issue. Sorry to be redundantly redundant, but we're talking about two crooked Louisiana politicians. Republicans might find it further redundantly redundant in that these are two crooked Louisiana Democratic politicians, but thanks to the GOP's own "family values" Senator David Vitter, they are quickly running out of stones to throw across the aisle.

Anyway, first the "Now":

Dollar Bill Jefferson, the Congressman who was discovered with $90k in bribe money in the freezer has been sentenced to 13 years. His defense, interestingly, was that his bribery was a private matter, unrelated to his status as a Congressman, and was, therefore, not a crime. I guess this was the "honorable explanation" he was promising before his trial.

And here is the "not yet":

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been globetrotting on the public dime. Check out the map! As the prosecutions get closer up the ladder of government in the City of New Orleans, Ray would be smart to be scoping out places to seek asylum. He might also want to make sure his freezer only has ice cream in it, hopefully Dollar Bill has coached him on this.

And, since Dollar Bill is out on bond pending appeal, maybe he and Ray will both be sipping margaritas on foreign soil together. They could take in a Roman Polanski film together or something.

Letting these two crooks flee the country might be a better solution than having the public pay even more in order to incarcerate them. Besides, the other people in prison have enough bad role models.

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