Thursday, March 04, 2010

Chief Riley is Shocked, Shocked!

Here is the latest corruption from the waning days of Mayor Nagin's "Confederacy of Dunces" (as a local talk show refers to his administration) - this time in the form of a "shocked" Chief Riley. Shocked, is he. Shocked. You just can't buy this kind of comic theater. Chief Riley is shocked. Great stuff.

So, if you want a little taste of New Orleans but can't afford to make the journey, you can vicariously enjoy one of the favorite pastimes of folks in the Crescent City: read the daily government scandals in the New Orleans Times Picayune regarding all of our favorite politicians of both kinds: those in prison, and those who are destined for prison. While most papers are going out of business, the TP is as hot as The Smoking Gun - only funnier.

In the Big Easy, the entertainment never stops - even if we're only considering the politics. It is impossible to watch Riley's press conference without laughing. Milwaukee has The Onion. We have real life. Ours is just harder to believe.

Well, Chief Riley can look on the bright side: if he goes to jail, he can probably get some help in the literacy department. Maybe he can start with this book. And if the really real paper isn't enough to whet your New Orleans corruption appetite, we do have something even more biting here - especially for folks in Jefferson Parish.

Shocked! Shocked!


Rev. Jack A. Kozak said...

"Miss Me Yet?" (Benjamin Butler)

Father Hollywood said...

Ha! Good one! People are still trying to get their silverware back from the rapacious Butler family. Gads!

The one successful importation from the North we made work in South Louisiana was the corruption we learned during "reconstruction." The French language doesn't count as a successful Northern import, because that came from France and from Canada.

But we have returned the favor by sharing some of our Southern Fried Political Criminality with y'all by sending some of our biggest crooks to the Yankee Congress/ Federal Prison - but I repeat myself...