Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Salem Lutheran Church's New Blog

The Salem Renaissance is where I am now posting weekly announcements for our congregation.

And don't forget, we also have a facebook fan page.

My northern friends will also be shocked to know that we also have running water and electricity in Gretna. But don't tell everyone. We're trying to keep the riff-raff out (and considering that I live in Gretna, that would already be an epic fail).



Tim said...

You have running water?! Truly, I who have little faith now believe, for I have heard it! ;)

And, is that a thurible I see in the picture?

Rev. Jack A. Kozak said...

Another Reconstruction success story.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Jack:

Absolutely! We've survived the French, the Spanish, the Yankees, Hurricane Katrina, and even the Indianapolis Colts!

And, you can still get (wait for it...) Beast Butler chamber pots! And given the layout of my house, I want one for practical rather than decorative reasons. ;-)

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Tim:

Of course, the running water is next to the running daiquiri tap. We don;t like to waste water.

Yes, it is a thurible. It's a little beat up, but gets the job done.

Tim said...

Water next to the daiquiri tap? Nice! I'll have to remember that one :)

I'm glad that the thurible gets the job done. I'm a total thurible-geek. I wish we had one at my parish; but alas, we cannot. :(

I now have another reason to come pop in to Salem, if ever I should visit the area :)

Father Hollywood said...

Y'all come - bons temps.