Monday, September 13, 2010

"Let them eat what we tell them to eat"

This is like Marie Antoinette making a plea for low-fat cakes to be served to the hoi-polloi. I don't know about any of you, but not once did I try to tell Mrs. Obama what to eat when she was blasting through hundreds of thousands of dollars of money that was confiscated from us while she was irresponsibly jet-setting and hobnobbing in Spain. What a disgrace!

You know, there was a time when the American people would have told her - and her husband - to mind their own business.

Fortunately, we may going back to the future.


George said...

Man, after reading that, I now feel compelled to pick up something unhealthy to eat on the way home tonight. :)

Bibliophile said...

That article makes me glad I ate a chocolate covered long john filled with pudding, this afternoon. Yum! No nuts for me. ;-)

Becky said...

Yes, we need to be told and we need a fine example, too.

Paul said...

Conversely, may the Obamas eat McDonalds till the cows come home and leave the fruits and veggies to me:) They'll be in need of their misguided health care sooner than later.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Becky:

Picture > 1,000 words.