Thursday, September 09, 2010

Peter Schiff on the Economy

Peter Schiff posts a frequent video-blog regarding the economy. He is an adherent of the Austrian School of Economics - and he runs his financial services company, Euro Pacific Capital, accordingly. He is a frequent guest on talk-shows, especially when he used to be laughed at before the crash of 2008 - which he called. The talking heads that used to laugh at him (see here as well) have long since wiped the smirks off their faces and now they listen to him - even when he tells them what they would rather not hear.

I believe Peter Schiff is worth listening to.

Best line in this update:

"Maybe the Republicans are gonna win in November in these elections. And there are people who are optimistic that we're gonna get gridlock if the Republicans take Congress. I'm afraid we're not gonna get gridlock. My fear is that we get something much worse than gridlock, and that's bipartisanship. And what bipartisanship is, is when you get the worst Democrat ideas and you combine them with the worst Republican ideas, you put them in one piece of legislation, and then you pass it."

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