Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Leo sub crucem (The Lion Under the Cross)

Leo selected a cross to wear as a mark of one redeemed by Christ.  He chose for himself the San Damiano cross of St. Francis of Assisi, an appropriate crucifix as Leo is a seasoned animal rescuer - and we all know about St. Francis and his affinity for animals as constituent parts of God's creation.  In fact, we often refer to our home as the St. Francis Rescue Mission (no RSO status as yet...).

It is also a fitting reminder of the large version of the cross hanging in our kitchen that is a treasured gift from Leo's beloved "adopted uncle" Br. Latif Gaba, SSP (who also gave Leo the icon of St. Francis that hangs in his room).

Leo is a great help during and after the Wednesday night Divine Services: collecting the offerings, extinguishing the oil lamps, opening the door, sharing the altar guild duties with Miz Grace, helping me distribute the offerings and communion cards, and assisting with with shutting off the lights and locking up.  He has a true reverence for the holy things, and takes great care in his work.  I explained to him this morning (during our reading from 2 Chronicles) that his work closely mirrors the work of the Levites in the temple.  He goes about his work with great solemnity.

He also sings the hymns and the liturgy with gusto.  And the lad knows his theology and scriptures!  He leads all the family table prayers in either English or Latin (sometimes chanted Gregorian style).  We pray daily morning prayer together, and we are about to start saying the Apostles Creed in Latin.  He participates in our One Year Bible readings as part of morning prayer, and follows along in the ESV.  He will begin Confirmation class with me this fall.

Thank you to Leo for your (largely behind the scenes) help every Wednesday!  Miz Grace and I are blessed indeed!


Mike Green said...

Awesome! Is there some sort of Pre-Seminary AP program?

CyberSis said...

What a special young man you have there ... and what a beautiful family. All three of you are blessed indeed!