Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Amazon.com's Best of 2008

An interesting list based on sales and user ratings from Amazon.

Notice that the "best-loved" book, as rated by customers, turned out to be a political manifesto by a Republican politician - and not John McCain or George W. Bush!

With 741 customer reviews, the book garnered 682 5-stars, 42 4-stars, 7 3-stars, 2 2-stars, and 8 1-stars - which is really statistically remarkable.

I read it myself, and heartily recommend it - especially now that the political season is over, and we're now facing a potential long-term depression (predicted by the author who repeatedly warned the public and Congress, often to jeers) for the very reasons outlined in this book.

All of the sudden, the author is being treated with respect. No matter whom you voted for, nor how you might identify yourself politically, you might want to read this book and consider the ideas put forth - especially given the knee-jerk reaction of both mainstream Republicans and Democrats to seek radical and demonstrably ill-advised solutions outside the realm of freedom and the Constitution.

This book explains all the reasons why we are in this mess, and outlines a real solution out of it, and does so in a concise and easy to grasp format that neither bamboozles the reader with data and jargon nor insults the reader's intelligence with slogans and dumbed-down prose.

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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Thank you; I'll definitely get a copy. Both my husband and I will no doubt be glad to read it.