Thursday, December 11, 2008


We had snow yesterday for the third time in 17 years (the last was Christmas Day, 2004).

It became an "event." Morning devotions were called off, as faculty and students alike ran through the halls from windows to doors - just in case the snow would stop before we got a chance to see it.

Due to the unprecedented nature of this event (at least in the lives of many of my students, some of whom never saw snow in New Orleans before this), 6th grade Religion class was spent throwing snowballs and getting cold fingers and soaked clothing.

Our 6th grade homeroom teacher even made a "bonhomme de neige" - even if he was a pygmy (see picture below).

The Times-Picayune ran an article with some great pics, and can be found here. [And here is an editorial from a few days later +HW]

Meanwhile, here are a few more memories of the "snowstorm of ought eight".


Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

Kind of makes you miss Akron, doesn't it? :-)

Mike Keith said...

That's great you had some snow. Nice to see the kids excitied about it. My kids get excited too.

I, on the other hand, have been shovelling, shovelling, shovelling the stuff this last week and am rather sick of it all. :-)

Greg said...

I remember first seeing snow in Kenner while in the 3rd grade. Then again in my university days, when the lake at the end of Williams Blvd froze.

It was good letting the kids out to enjoy it.

Past Elder said...

It looks beautiful.

However, having grown up in Minnesota, it ain't snowed until you measure it in feet, not inches.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Fr. Gregory:

Uh... no. ;-)

I do get regular weather reports from the Rubber City though via my dad. Go Zips.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Mike:

To quote a former American president (spoken in a raspy voice): "Ah feel yer pain."

Funny, my Canadian wife hates the cold and hates the snow - but she has always enjoyed shoveling. Not me. I'm with you. I've seen snow only twice in five years, and I'm still sick of it. :-)

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Greg:

I lived in Kenner too. I used to jog up Williams right up to Lake Ponchartrain. The gaudy casino on the lake with the schmaltzy fake palm trees all lit up was just too much. I could not *not* look at it.

Wow, the lake froze? That must have been something!

Father Hollywood said...

Dear PE:

I knew the guys from Minnesota at sem: they were the ones wearing shorts year round. No exaggeration. I about froze just watching them through the hood of my parka.