Friday, December 12, 2008

Subversive Radio

To the dismay of readers who are still using dial-up, I've added yet another widget to the right-hand margin of this blog labeled "Subversive Radio." Hopefully, if Homeland Security is doing some kind of keyword search, I won't be in too much trouble for advocating subversion, though I suspect my advocacy of the abolition of the Federal Reserve might have gotten me on the radar screen anyway. Was that cat not out of the bag? Oops, mea culpa...

Although most Father Hollywood readers already know about Issues, Etc., if you don't, you might want to have a listen.

Issues, Etc. is a rarity among radio programs. Its slogans - which by the way are not the usual marketing schlock, but are rather accurate descriptions of the programming: "talk radio for the thinking Christian" and "Christ-centered, cross-focused talk radio" - say it all.

In a secular culture dominated by intellectual mush, violence, crassness, shock-value, and outright blasphemy, and over and against a Christian culture characterized by charlatans, fads, "the theology of glory", and anti-intellectualism - Issues, Etc. is truly subversive radio at its finest. And, as a bonus, if you're like most people and can't get the show on broadcast radio, you can get it at your convenience by podcast.

This is marvelous technology for people like myself whose work doesn't afford a lot of time to listen to love radio. In between classes, for example, I can load up the "on demand" page and listen to a segment of previous programming. I'm always educated and edified when I do so. I'm genuinely impressed with the program and the people who run it.

This is a program run by conservative, confessional Lutherans who don't equivocate in their confession, and yet, have a format that is open to different viewpoints and representatives of a variety of Christian traditions, engaging timely topics of interest to the thinking, cross-focused Christian from the perspective of orthodox, Biblical Christianity.

You will find interviews with seminary professors, pastors, laymen, experts in many different fields from all walks of life. The host of the program, the Rev. Todd Wilken, maintains a refreshing, respectful decorum and intellectual climate unlike many other conservative radio shows that devolve into a kindergarten class or a screeching tirade. And, the program is just plain interesting and engaging.

So if you'd like to take part in the holy subversion against the world, the devil, and our sinful flesh, click on the Issues, Etc. widget and join the resistance.

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wmc said...

For a conservative, orthodox, Christ-centered radio show that does devolve into a kindergarten class with occasional screeching tirades, tune in to The God Whisperers (