Monday, August 03, 2009

Blown Away!

It's easy to become so cynical as to presume that everything you buy is a ripoff, and every claim made by every manufacturer is a lie.

That's pretty much my attitude as a consumer.

It's a kind-of reverse 8th Commandment issue, whereby a wise consumer will pretty much put the worst construction on everything, and view any and all claims as false.

The beauty of such an attitude is twofold, 1) It eliminates disappointment, and 2) when you actually buy something well-made that actually lives up to the hype, it is a great cause of celebration.

Well, I have to tell you that I found something that really works, is well-made, and is actually a good investment - at least so far: this wallet.

Here's the back-story - I like carrying a lot of stuff. My pockets right now include: car/house keys, church keys, pocket watch, reading glasses, Palm TX, Swiss Army knife, wallet, cell phone, and pen (which itself includes a pencil, as well as black and red ink).

I was not even a Boy Scout, but I like being prepared - which is why I like Cargo pants. The Cargoes are especially helpful given that I keep my wallet in my front pocket - advice given to me when I moved to New York "back in the day."

My desire to be prepared spills over into what goes in my wallet. Add to this the need to save receipts for the IRS - and you can see where the wallet can fatten up pretty quickly.

My last wallet was a trifold. It was probably a good inch thick, and growing. But this new All-ETT wallet is thinner fully loaded than my old wallet was empty! It is mind boggling how well it works. It is a combination of thin material combined with a design that spreads everything out. My fully-loaded wallet is now about a quarter inch thick. It is almost like magic. You can't even see it in my pocket.

Here is what I have in my wallet (see if you can read this all in one breath): Drivers License, Sam's club ID, AAA ID, health card, dental card, legal defense fund card, Winn Dixie discount card, Barnes & Noble educator card, Borders educator card, zoo membership, Office Depot discount card, World Market Coffee Club, 2 Sicily's Pizza club cards, Margaritaville VIP card (very important!), library card, debit card, 2 credit cards, plus an old credit card that has my wife's picture on it, Texas Roadhouse gift card, Toys-R-Us gift card, WalMart gift card, spare car key, a BS Police Badge, nine U.S. federal reserve notes, 5 business cards, 10 store receipts, and a voter registration.

Whew! Like I said, I like to be prepared.

But all of this stuff fits easily into my little quarter-inch fat wallet. Amazing! And I don't like the word "amazing." And no, I'm not getting a kickback, or am I in any way associated with this company. I'm just really and genuinely impressed and happy with the product. And that is a rare thing indeed!

So, if you need a thin wallet, I can give you a whole-hearted recommendation. This thing is cool!


dakotapastor said...

Which material did you choose?

Mike Keith said...

I laughed as I read the beginning of the post. The cynical attitude you mention is basically the one I carry about when shopping. Great to hear the recommendation. I will definitely look into it.

Another reason not to carry your wallet in the back pocket - it can ruin your back and cause serious pain.

A question from a Canadian: What is a legal defence fund card and why do you need to carry it?

WM Cwirla said...

I prefer the thin Coach leather billfold. Six card slots, two back slots for Southwest airlines drink coupons, plus enough room for about $1000 in fiat currency whatever that's worth today. Fits nicely in left front pocket. Also the comforting thought that it was directly involved in the production of steaks.

Brian Yamabe said...

Have had mine for about 3 years and it's great. My backside used to get numb driving long distances but this wallet eliminated that problem.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Dakota:

I went with the leather. It is a nice, soft leather and the stitching looks really well-made. It looks exactly like the picture, and it is really easy to get things out - even with the amount of stuff I have inside.

Past Elder said...

I've got DL, atm card, Mastercard, Visa, grocery store discount card, and laminated proofs of car and health insurance, and a couple bucks on a good day, in a $10 velcro wallet from Target.

Everything else stays at home unless needed that specific trip (library card, other credit cards or store cards, etc).

The simple life.

Christopher Gillespie said...

Another second. I use the smaller one for day-to-day and the international is terrific for overseas.