Monday, August 10, 2009

Wrongo in the Congo

This is America's top "diplomat" at work in an international situation.

Lord, have mercy!

Mrs. Clinton has proven her unfitness. The Secretary of State is called upon to conduct himself with dignity and tact. It is an office that at times may stand between war and peace. Mrs. Clinton's husband would, for all of his faults, have displayed more tact and winsome diplomacy than this embarrassing display of egocentrism and hysteria. The Secretary of State is to represent the State Department, and by extension, the President of the United States. The Secretary of State is not called upon to be a scold, to treat foreigners like nursery school children, or to fly off the handle over perceived slights.

This is what happens when backroom deals are cut, and political jobs are doled out to settle elections and make peace within the parties instead of truly appointing the best person for the job. I cannot see how anyone could surmise that Mrs. Clinton is the best diplomat we have in this country. Have we ever heard her address anyone in any language other than English?

Hopefully, Mrs. Clinton will not do something so stupid as to draw us into a conflict by losing her cool over a slip-up by an interpreter (which a more seasoned diplomat would understand happens when dealing with translations). A diplomat simply has to exhibit more class than this - especially when the "diplomat" is the Secretary of State.

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+ Robert Wurst said...

She channels all the tact and skill we've seen displayed in this administration. She was out of control . . .

St. Paul tells us to do a difficult thing when he says we must pray for our leaders, doesn't he?