Monday, August 10, 2009

The State of Conservative Radio

Since I commute daily on foot, I don't listen to the radio too often. I turn it on when I go to visit shut-ins or run to the store at night for milk - which we always seem to be out of.

As far as I can tell, we have basically one talk radio station in New Orleans, WRNO 99.5, the local FOX affiliate. WRNO has all the usual conservative and neoconservative fare, such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Dennis Miller, and Glenn Beck.

But what amazes me is what "sells" on "conservative" radio.

Quite often when I do have the good old conservative family values talk radio station on, they are bombarding me with ads for "male enhancement." Obviously, the ads are properly placed or they wouldn't sell. What are they trying to tell me about Republican men?

Then, there are the ubiquitous strip club ads, complete with highly charged sexual innuendo and talk of "couch dances" such as offered at the Larry Flynt Hustler club and Rick's Cabaret. Obviously, GOP government officials pay close attention to FOX radio...

They also have a radio show called the Jesus Christ Show, a blasphemous self-help program in which a guy is in character claiming to be our Blessed Lord. I listened for a few minutes and was not only offended, but amazed at what superficial garbage passes for the Christian faith these days. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance...

And when FOX isn't mocking our Lord, they are having shows of spiritualists, mediums, and psychics, pontificating about how the dead speak to us, channeling, and telling fortunes. Gimme that old time religion...

One recent show was dedicated to the Maitreya, how he is already in the world to usher in a "new golden age," and how Jesus was basically his lackey. Radio host Episcopal Church deacon Ian Punnet even excitedly weighed in about how interesting this all was. Way to stand up for the faith, Deacon!

And then there are the political pundits. Times sure have changed. It used to be that Howard Stern created a stir by using naughty entendres and various slang terms for body parts on the radio. In fact, he used to get some pretty hefty fines - the biggest ones from the GOP-controlled FCC - for saying things that one can hear today without incident on today's conservative radio.

Way to go, FOX! Aren't these the same people that brought us Family Guy on broadcast TV during prime time? And how nice of WRNO "Rush Radio" to publish the "Belle of the Day" on their website for when family values conservatives want to have a look at some soft-core porn - not to mention the rotating headlines with the picture of Miley Cyrus doing a pole dance. I just hope none of these gals are Democrats. I mean, someone must think of the children here!

Well, it's a good thing conservatives have their own media outlets. As a family man, I would hate to have to turn to the left-wingers for spiritualists, Viagra, strip joints, porn and blasphemy.


Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Republicans and Democrats are the same thing except for two areas:

1. Electoral Motivation. Democrats run on "hope" - elect us and just hope we will make things better. Republicans run on "fear" - if you don't elect us the terrorists will win.

2. Who gets the money. You can't argue that the Republicans are for small government any more (not since after 2000), so both parties want to take my money. Democrats want to give it to individuals, Republicans to various corporations.

(Besides, we all know what a den of iniquity NO is. . . maybe it's just the radio there. . . oops, no it isn't)

gnesio-lutheran said...

You have stumbled upon the 'dirty little secret' quite common among many who claim be 'conservatives.' They promote 'family values' to garner votes at election time, but live libertine lives in private. When in office, they do little, if anything, to legislate accordaning with the values they supposedly hold so dear. The Conservative/ Republican movement in the US is currently a sham and a joke, which is why so many real conservative no longer participate in the process.

Anonymous said...

Oh darn, Father Hollywood! Our "conservative radio" formats here in the greater Cleveland area aren't half that much fun!

Only kidding, only kidding!

Conservative/Republican has become a bit of an oxymoron.

I pretty much detest both parties equally and my husband and I are registered Independents.


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

FOX Family, Disney, and other self-proclaimed "family" TV, Satellite, and radio channels are almost as bad. You have kids lying to their parents as a consistent plot device, kids dressing 10-15 years older than they should be, and while I haven't found someone pretending to be Jesus, they do have their own "gods": the big green Earth, success, etc. If you saw them in real life, you'd wonder where are the parents?

Maybe we need Pirate Christian Radio for kids? :)