Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ghoulardi Would Be Proud

WJW Cleveland: "Stay sick, turn blue!"


KJC402 said...

I think that is the reason why I stopped watching the local news.

Sure, that news crew was having a bit of fun and it also reminded me a bit of Monty Python...but really, this is how Cleveland jokes get started.

BTW: I can just barely remember Ghoulardi, remember more the Ghoul, Hoolihan and Big Chuck and my favorite was SuperHost.

Anonymous said...

And that media wants us to take them seriously and "trust" them. Too funny. I guess it's another reason I also stopped watching the local news, of course we don't even have local news out where I am now, no loss I suppose.

Peter said...

I think it was funny, hardly anything to get worked up about. (I mean the inclusion of the rabbit gave it away.) And, what the heck, a bear in the area is a pretty good story. I know, it'd be something to see one one campus. (In fact, that's why I find local news endearing . . . as opposed to the pompous old "And that's the way it is" bit.)

Father Hollywood said...

I agree with Peter. I LOL'ed, as we say today.

In some ways, I found Clevelanders a bit like New Orleanians - having a self-deprecating sense of humor and an "endearing" (good word!) silliness. This is why Ghoulardi (the guy who went on to be the voice of the Love Boat) with his antics making fun of all things Cleveland was such an institution.

Would the Drew Carey show have worked in any other setting?

And both Cleveland and New Orleans love their football teams, even after decades of crushing defeats. And, ethnic humor is still alive and well in both places.

I'm just wondering of the folks in Parma (Amrap!) still wear white socks and decorate their yards with pink flamingos...