Friday, July 30, 2010

Eighties Prog-Rock Flashback

One of my favorite albums is Marillion's 1985 Misplaced Childhood.

This was a concept album typical of the period. Until now, I've never actually seen any of the videos. Above is the song "Lavender" from the album. It has many quaintly-dated essential 80s prog-rock elements: tee shirts and narrow-lapelled jackets, mullets, heavy guitars, synthesizer, a sweet melancholic melody with lyrics that are at times nonsensical, and yet poetic - in this case sung intensely and passionately by an angry-looking kilted Scotsman.

Bonus: "Kayleigh"

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Matthew said...

Well, now I'm faced with an overpowering need to go dig out my old Marillion albums... I wonder where in the world they might stored...