Thursday, July 01, 2010

O Canada!

Happy Canada Day, Bonne Fête du Canada!

Bonus: Here is the greatest Canadian commercial ever, as well as a PG-13 spoof of that same spot with a Québécois spin. Here is another Molson Canadian commercial entitled "No doot aboot it," and the sequel.

Feel "strong and free" to find your inner Canadian today by cracking open a Molson Canadian, a Labatt's Blue, or a Moosehead, listening to an old Rush album (or other classic Canadian rock), putting on some hockey reruns, enjoying the CFL season kickoff, and if you've had enough Canadian beer, settle in with a viewing of Strange Brew.

And one of the best things about Canadians is their sense of humour (with a "u"): check out this video, please (politeness is a must).

Mrs. H. (right) and friend, Canada Day 1988 in Ottawa


Okiebud said...

Beauty, eh? I'll have to celebrate with my American Molson-step-child suds of choice from Colorado. I'd wear my tuque, but it's 33 degrees (Celsius) outside!

fooser77 said...

Why just the old Rush, don't like their new stuff? Check out their new documentary, just out this 29th. Most interesting. Imagine Peart becoming a Christian. (We can always pray) His lyrics would become even more astounding...