Saturday, July 24, 2010

Here we go...

Bonnie is only a tropical depression and is not expected to strengthen to a tropical storm. But at this point, New Orleans is right in the cross-hairs, and the computer models are pretty much all in agreement.

This won't be a devastating storm by any means (Deo volente), but it will likely give us a good bit of thunder and lightening, and maybe some local flash floods. And there is the x-factor of the oil spill. This storm is a good opportunity to get ready, review plans, and have contingencies; a sort-of dry run (well, not so dry) for a hurricane. Our generator is all set and ready to go. We have some extra milk in the fridge.

So it looks like we are prepared. We have a cabinet full of Gevalia and several cans of freshly-ground espresso beans. Our coffee grinder can run on generator power, as can the cappuccino maker. And in a worse case scenario, there is always the low-tech French press. We have emergency lighting and reading materials.

So, it looks like we are well positioned to "rough it." As long as one can have a decent cup of coffee and a book, all shall be well and all shall be well... ;-)


Dixie said...

Ah...and here is a family that has their material priorities in order. One can tolerate a bit more "roughing it" and inconvenience if one has a good cup of coffee at hand. We just came off two weeks of vacation. After the first 7 days I honestly didn't know how I was going to make it through the next 7 days...bad coffee everywhere...not a good cup to be had. A nice older gentleman heard my grumblings and said to me, "I am Italian American and I know the importance of a good cup of coffee" and he proceeded to show me where the espresso makers were (absolutely a requirement for the Euro guests). And, of course, the vacation was saved!

Batten down the hatches and stay dry.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Dixie:

Thanks! Bonnie was merciful enough to calm down before visiting us. If we can make it through the next couple months, we will have made it through another year. (Aug 29 is the big anniversary).