Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to Fit In in Church

Funny and true. But we could use a "Lutheran Use Version" of this video.

Now, in certain areas of Canada, smoking (les cigarettes) in church may be considered okay. Otherwise, smoking should be limited to incense and/or candles. "Speaking in tongues" is definitely a no-no in Lutheran churches, unless the pastor is getting wound up in the German or Latin of the Book of Concord (with other rare exceptions such as: Swedish or Swahili, or in the case of a certain professor of Japanese heritage: Norwegian...).

Snake handling will not work in any Lutheran church in South Louisiana, as the snake will end up in a boiling pot with the crabs, shrimp, and British Petroleum by-products. And if you are raising your hands in prayer, you had better be the pastor at the altar, or else word has just gotten out the the Saints have scored.

For the most part, the above video is ecumenism at its best. These tips will hold you in good stead in pretty much any house of worship.

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