Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Earthquake in Siberia

St. Luke's, Abakan
Almost as it was happening, I got an e-mail from Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church that a Magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit Siberia near the city of Abakan.  The quake was felt as far away as Novosibirsk where Bp. Vsevolod lives (the two cities are about 350 miles apart).

Fr. Pavel Zayakin and his family live in Abakan where he serves St. Luke's Lutheran Church.  Fr. Dmetri Dotsenko and his family live in Abakan as well (he serves St. James Lutheran Church in Novokuznetsk).

Father Pavel, near Abakan

Father Dmetri and Family, near Abakan
Thanks be to God so far, it seems that there was no major damage nor any casualties.  Let us keep our brothers and sisters in our prayers in hope that the seismic activity has settled down.

You can see Abakan in real time here.

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rogue evolent said...

Thanks for this important update Fr. H!
I will be praying for our brethren in Siberia today and during Sunday's Mass.
Deo Vindice,