Thursday, December 08, 2011

Where women's "ordination" leads

This article about a recent conference (featuring a priestess of the goddess Isis) at a "Lutheran church" (sic) - a member congregation of the ELCA (not affiliated with the LCMS) - is an honest explication of what, and who, is behind the recent phenomenon of women's "ordination."  It is also an indictment of the leadership of the ELCA to not only tolerate this kind of thing year after year in one of their congregations, but to actually encourage it by allowing one of the "church's" leading scholars to participate (a point cogently made here by ELCA member Dan Skogan).

Here is a link to the conference.  Here is a link to the "church."  And here is a link to the Isis temple.  This is a crystal-clear confession of feminist theology.  At least they are being honest about it.

I know that we're not really in a position to throw stones, but when the name "Lutheran" is attached to pagan goddess worship, it affects us whether we like it or not.  Kyrie eleison!


Terry Maher said...

Judas H, FH. Everything from Reiki to Guadalupe, Nahuati version. I don't suppose there's a chance in hell of getting a steak at the dinner.

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