Saturday, January 26, 2008

Father Hollywood on Lew Rockwell

My last post, Dishonest Scales, has been published on You can read it here.

I had made some minor editorial changes that for some reason didn't make it to Lew Rockwell. So, the version here on Father Hollywood is actually the up-to-date version.

The last time I was published on Lew Rockwell, I got fan mail, hate mail, and crazy mail from all around the world for weeks. I don't think this will be the case again - considering the topic - but you just never can tell. If I get anything really interesting, I'll pass it along to you, dear reader.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


ninepoundhammer said...

I loved the article. I have been having a long-running discussion on the gold standard with a buddy of mine (and selected others) over at my blog for a while now.

Your article should help my case. (And the fact that you are a clergyman gives it a bit of gravitas that may catch their attention!)

Great job.

Claudia said...

Just a comment of praise. The analogies were extremly well done. The article offers very simple explanations for the problems created by the loss of our gold standard and why it was so important. I enjoy well written articles as there is nothing in MSM of any value. I've added you to my favorites as I am always looking for good sites worth reading.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Nine Pound Hammer and Claudia:

Thanks very much!

Peter said...

Ah, the memories. I wrote a high-school paper on this topic many years ago (I'm sure it stunk). Just wondering, are there any countries that follow the gold standard today? (I have no idea)

Father Hollywood said...


Great question. I can't speak with certainty, but my suspicion is that no country is actually on the gold standard today - as the U.S. Dollar became the standard of international trade. Of course, that's changing. Perhaps if (and when) the dollar and the Euro tank, common sense will once again reign and money will no longer be printed out of thin air in a pyramid scheme of debt and broken promises.

Boy, there's a David Allen Coe song in there somewhere!