Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I don't know what the story on this is, but this YouTube video claims to be a woman studying preaching (homiletics) under a Missouri Synod pastor named Jim Gwaltney. The video is entitled "Marla L.'s Sermon."


Scot K said...
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David said...


RevFisk said...

Homoletics isn't preaching. :D

Jim Roemke said...

I e-mailed the man who taught this woman homiletics. I thought I did it in a very kind and generous way. What do I get in response? I am a "white-washed tomb," a modern Pharisee and a new pastor who needs some real-life experience. So much for Matthew 18! He told me he would not respond to any more e-mail correspondence and would only talk to me to accept my apology! Anyone who would like to read both sides of the exchange may e-mail me: pastorroemke@yahoo.com. I am considering putting it up on my own blog, but have not decided on that yet.

Father Hollywood said...


Wow. Can you imagine if King David reacted that way to Nathan? Hmmm. The Offertory in Divine Service III would sure sound different, wouldn't it? I'm not quite sure how to point the words "Up yours!" into four part harmony Anglican chant.

This is the problem with our synod. I don't think it is at all unreasonable to find it odd that a Missouri Synod pastor is helping to prepare a woman to serve as a preacher, and to seek an explanation from a fellow member of synod. Maybe there is a reasonable explanation, but something other than an attack on the person who is offended and seeking that explanation would be nice.

I'm also be a "new pastor" in need of "real life experience" (though I think I have learned a thing or two in my 43 years), but in my experience, the person who goes ballistic, changes the subject, and shifts the blame is guilty as sin, and knows it. I don't know if this applies here, but this has been my experience from serving as a corrections officer, working as a software consultant, teaching high school and junior high school kids, serving in the holy office for the past three years, and, of course, dealing with customers who have lost their rented videos and are trying to wiggle out of the consequences. I think I should write a book called "Everything I Needed to Know About Practical Pastoral Theology I Learned from Working at Hollywood Video."

This display of a woman preacher under the study of an LCMS pastor is on YouTube. It's out there in public. Anybody in the world with the internet can watch it. There is no explanation.

But, of course, when it comes to approaching a fellow LCMS member and minister, I have no idea what the rules are (since Matt 18 has been superceded by new procedures). So, I'm just reposting it here and calling it interesting. That's about all we can do these days without involving DPs and putting our congregations at risk of expulsion.

Maybe someone can lead an exegetical study on the LCMS handbook. Of course, we'd need to add Legalese to the curricula of Greek and Hebrew at our seminaries. My Legalese is just way too rusty.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

I saw the letter that was sent to pastor Roemke, and thought it was sad. I then went to the church website in Irvine, and found a lot of "we are not like any other church" talk.

That's usually a red flag for me. Ego city.

I think the pastor in Irvine should think about it this a bit.