Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hollywood baby goes Hollywood?

A little girl baptized by Father Hollywood (a Beanie baby?) "went Hollywood" last year as the 2007 spokesmodel and cover girl for Graco (she was selected by an internet poll).

Little Grace is shown at left with her mother Carole, a former teacher at Salem Lutheran School.

I had neglected to mention this before, but was reminded today when I ran across a thank you card from Carole for officiating at Grace's baptism. Hey, any excuse to brag on my parishioners will do!

Unfortunately, Mom, dad, and baby moved a good distance away after Hurricane Katrina - which was a huge blow to our parish as they were such a big part of our Salem community. They live so far away that they really can't be part of our community as they were before. So, I don't know how long I will ultimately get to brag about having them as my parishioners - but we all know such glory is fleeting anyway. However, the glory of Holy Baptism is eternal, for Baby Grace has been given eternal life by Divine Grace.

Grace and her parents will reign not just for a year as representatives of a company, but will rule unto the ages of ages as children of the King of the universe!

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