Sunday, May 18, 2008

More on the FLDS situation in Texas

This is certainly a controversial issue, and creates a lot of strong feelings whether one agrees or disagrees with the actions of the State of Texas. I find this analysis by Stacy McDonald to be an outstanding recapitulation of what most Christians agree about, as well as disagree about, in this case.

I also believe her conclusions are absolutely correct, and eloquently stated in a way that does not throw gasoline on the fire.

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Thursday's Child said...

I absolutely agree with your agreement with her. LOL

Not being in the States (and with 3 kids the dish is usually being held hostage by SpaceToon) I haven't kept on this quite like I should. But I've learned enough on the subject to know that this situation is being "handled" in a completely incompetent manner and the people "handling" it should be encouraged to find another line of work.