Monday, May 12, 2008

You know your church/school is in New Orleans when...

- You don't blink when a little girl is on her way to school with a baguette sticking up out of her back pack.

- Teacher's Appreciation Week includes lunch: "Fresh spinach salad with mandarin oranges, feta cheese, balsamic vinaigrette and pine nuts, crawfish pasta in a creamy tomato artichoke sauce and an assortment of dessert and drinks."

- The school fair includes such things as tiger blood snowballs, and jambalaya made with deer sausage.

- Jazzfest has an impact on church attendance

- Faculty meetings include discussions of where to get good Thai food on Canal Street.

- At your school, the word "go" is sometimes spelled "geaux".

- You're happy to see the geckos at Wednesday night services because they eat the termites.

- The school field trip to the zoo includes recipes posted next to the aquatic exhibits.

- School lunch on Monday is red beans and rice.

- 8:30 am discussions among faculty during car-pool regarding the merits of the pineapple-amaretto frozen daiquiri are just a part of life

- The principal says the following at a school assembly: "Y'all are from South Louisiana, and you've all seen bugs before..."

... This is most certainly true, dawlin'.


Susan said...

Fabulous! I appreciate your sense of humor and wit - thanks! :)

Peter said...

Man, I could go for some red beans and rice.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Susan:

Glad you enjoyed that. Now, can you put up two adults, a child, and five cats when we have to evacuate for the next hurricane? Just kidding. But only a little. ;-).

I think it takes a sense of humor to live here.

Father Hollywood said...


If you come down here during the school year, I can get you some free grub. Don't tell anybody, but I have connections with the highest authority below the Holy Trinity at Salem: Miss Cheryl the lunch lady.

Our school lunches are excellent - though, at the expense of being accused of unionism, I have to admit that they come from the archdiocese.