Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not News

It happens on every broadcast of FOX-8 news: "Breaking News! Someone has been shot in the [fill in the blank] neighborhood..."

Sorry, but in New Orleans, that's not news. Especially when it happens in Orleans Parish, is committed by young men, happens in broad daylight, and the shooter is still at large. Nor is it news when Crimestoppers is offering a reward and when the family of the victim asks for anyone with information to come forward.

This is not "news" it's "routine."

Likewise, it's not news when we have crooked cops (yawn), criminals being let out of jail because witnesses are too intimidated to testify or the DA messed up some basic forensic work that a 8-year old kid and a pair of gloves could have handled, or when a criminal has been arrested more times than he is years old and is still running around openly threatening people.

It's just not news.

Neither is: hot weather, politicians arguing and pointing fingers and demanding apologies and more sincere apologies, sports figures trash talking each other, dishonest contractors, heavy traffic, messed up bridges and levees, slipping SAT scores, celebrities saying and doing stupid things, rising gas prices, and general economic woes.

None of this is news.

Do you know what really would be news? Wendy's actually getting a single order correct! Now that should elicit a "Breaking News!" on FOX-8. I honestly cannot remember the last time when they didn't mess up my order - usually making several mistakes all at once. Wendy's still being in business should be news. The body of Dave Thomas not reaching through the grave to choke a Wendy's manager to death should be news.


Jeff said...

As a former Wendy's employee, I'm convinced the problem lies not with our flawless restaurant, but instead with the South.

Indeed, we are like the pristine un-fallen creation, while those of you below the Mason Dixon line are like the crafty serpent- corrupting perfectly good fast food restaurants.

Nothing else makes logical sense to me. We are like the Texas Judicial System, and do not error. Now go forth, and enjoy your Classic Double with cheese.

Thursday's Child said...

You need my husband managing your Wendy's. You either wouldn't get a messed up order or you'd get the fun of listening to him yell at the employee in rather colorful Arabic. :)