Friday, May 02, 2008

A Tale of Two Rings

Attention fellow O. Henry fans, my friend Pr. James McDonald has blogged a story that has all the punch of "Gift Of the Magi", only this romantic tale of rings lost and found, is true!

Ah, the joys of family life.

Blessings to Jared, Tiffany, and the whole McDonald family.


Stacy McDonald said...

Thank you, sir. We are basking in God's goodness.

And you will be pleased to note that Tiffany is leaning toward Shrimp Creole for the wedding feast! Now, I can cook for a crowd, but how to get 100 lb. of Gulf shrimp to Illinois is the next question. Comin' this way? ;-)

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Stacy:

Congratulations again! Bringing 100 pounds of Louisiana shrimp to Peoria sounds like a great adventure. That might even be worthy of a police escort. Tempting.

So, when's the wedding? :-)

Another round of congratulations is in order the other direction of your family tree! When I was a kid growing up in Ohio, I remember my parents speaking in hushed tones about Dr. DeBakey. Bonus: I didn't realize he was a Louisianan.

Stacy McDonald said...

It looks like the date is leaning toward March 7.

A police escort from New Orleans sounds interesting - I'm picturing a jazz entourage! LOL

Father Hollywood said...

Although, I think seafood wouldn't survive a "second line" from Gretna to Peoria, but it sure would be a good time! Let him who has ears to hear (and umbrellas to twirl) understand...