Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Green Baby Godchild!

Congratulations to my former parishioners Michael and Amy Green (who now live in Utah) on the birth of their first child, little Jillian. She is a Green baby, but as you can see, not green at all, but rather a nice healthy pink. She was born during our Christmas party potluck last Sunday, as Mrs. H. and I were seated across the table from Grandma and Grandpa. What excitement when the phone rang! The picture below was snapped on Mike's camera phone moments after Jillian's birth.

And if that weren't enough joyous news, the Hollywoods are to become Jillian's godparents when Mike and Amy make a Christian of her.

Congratulations again to father Mike and mother Amy (as well as grandparents Gary and Beth) as the Lord has answered their prayers in a dramatic fashion and has given them a glorious Christmas present. May the Lord grant Jillian divine protection, many years of life, and a strong and abiding faith in her Savior!

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Mike Green said...

Not even a week old, and she's already famous! Thanks! We're delighted to have you and Mrs. H. as her Paran and Nanan!