Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yes, this is one of those boring posts about how our day is going for the benefit of friends and family.

We're having a nice eclectic New Year's Eve.

  • I worked on some French through LiveMocha.
  • We went to the zoo with the Rev. Philip Miller (Pastor of Christ Lutheran, Chalmette, LA), his wife Monique, and their children: Grace, Isaiah, Silas, Nathaniel, Sarah Rose, and one yet to be born!
  • We bought a gift for a wildebeest (now that is something I have never done before).
  • We had dinner at IHOP and called to mind the old days of New Year's Eves past - especially in Ottawa.
  • We went home and watched fireworks from the front porch.
  • We looked at the pictures we took today.
  • We are half-watching the festivities on TV, which is flipping between the local celebrations (instead of a ball dropping at Times Square, we have a Fleur-de-lis at Jax Brewery) and the national stuff. Whoever invented the "mute" button should get a medal.
  • If I make it to midnight, I think I'll sip a little B&B. I bought the bottle in 2006, and I think it works like the seals on the dishwasher if you don't use it every few months. I think I should be able to have this bottle done some time in 2014. It's good to have goals. If you haven't had B&B, it really is remarkable. It is only a slight exaggeration to say that you can take a sip, enjoy it, and not even swallow - and it will evaporate in your mouth.
Happy New Year to all of our family, friends, colleagues, parishioners, neighbors, and anyone else who may be reading this. A blessed 2010 to all.


Mike Keith said...

B&B is a very tasty drink. A little sweet however. Another nice drink is the "Rusty Nail." Drambuie mixed with Scotch to cut the Drambuie's sweetness. If you enjoy B&B and have not had a "Rusty Nail" I recommen it!

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Mike:

Thanks for the recommendation. Sounds nice, as long as it isn't followed by a chaser called "Tetanus Shot." ;-)

Happy new year!

Ted Badje said...

Voulez bon ton roulez!

Peter said...

Ok, Father Hollywood! Yet another trip to IHOP? If we wanted that, we could go to the corner of Coliseum and Coldwater. Remember, New Orleans is a gift, and not to be taken for granted. Don't make me come down there! Now, eat some Jambalaya!

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Ted:

We're working on it! :-)

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Peter:

Good point. But it is a holiday after all - and we do give our dear son a say in what we eat on special occasions (and with all due self-interest, as I'm sure you remember what it's like when the 4-year old has low blood sugar...).

But I don't remember the palm trees at the COLDwater location.

But I do think they should serve jambalaya at the local IHOP. Give the state legislature enough time, they'll pass a law... ;-)

BTW, we are working on a package to send you. Be watching your mail.