Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods: Enemy of Diversity

If you've received an e-mail announcing that the "Rev." Al Sharpton is scolding Tiger Woods for the lack of racial diversity in his selection of mistresses - you should be able to tell by the satirical tone of the article and its level of ridiculousness that it is a spoof.

But, as all good satire does, it makes a point. It is a humorous critique of how our culture elevates racial quotas as a social good even over and against marital fidelity and personal honor and integrity - as well as how some people make a killing at being perpetually and professionally "offended." There is just enough of a grain of truth in the attitude attributed to Mr. Sharpton to make the reader pause just for a second and say, "Hey, did he really say that?"

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Rev. Eric J Brown said...

As Mrs. Woods is probably a relative of mine (my mom's maiden name is Nordgren), I am doubly offended now!

Theophilus said...

Do you remember that Black High School Principal who carred a baseball bat down the halls of his school to keep order?

I heard him speak at a local University. During his speech he castigated Black men for dating White women. Several such mixed couples got up and fled the scene.

In view of the dumb things that Al Sharpton has said in the past, he could well have said this, although he didn't, surprisingly.
I am sure that many have thought this.