Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Best Bourbon Street Video You Will See All Day

Like one of the announcers said during the game, "This city knows how to party." Captain Obvious agrees. And contrary to the punch line of a well-known local joke, hell has not frozen over!

After the game, the Hollywoods walked the three blocks to the Mississippi River Levee and we could actually hear the din coming from across the river. The Superdome is about two miles away as a crow flies and we could hear cheering and music bouncing off of the local buildings. We also saw spontaneous fireworks south of us on the Westbank (don't even ask how the compass directions work here...).

Going to the Super Bowl is a wonderful shot in the arm for our city, not just in terms of morale, but also for enjoying the focus of the entire world for the next couple weeks. Our local economy thrives on tourism, and New Orleans is really one of those places every American should see at least once. We also get a lot of international visitors as well, both for business and pleasure - though there is nothing wrong with mixing the two.

Y'all come! Laissez les bons temps rouler! Geaux Saints!

HT: Salem Lutheran School teacher Mrs. Nikki Chatelain


Peter said...

While this Hoosier can't root for the Saints, I am awfully happy for them, and for the city of New Orleans.

revalkorn said...

Isn't it amazing how New Orleans can celebrate a championship without a major riot?

Others riot. We party!

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Al:

I just hope you haven't spoken too soon! Remember what Nagin said about "Keeping the New Orleans brand" out there. :-(

But so far, so good. I lived in Philly a few years ago - and it is a truly great American city - but it was actually scary after a championship victory.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Peter:

Can you imagine what Archie Manning must be thinking? I guess that's what we call a win-win situation...

Peter said...

There was a nice article about Archie in our paper . . . and he's a proud Saint . . . but, a prouder father. I hope there are Super Bowls in the future for both N.O. and Indy. (These things are funny . . . Favre was a big Saints fan, and our best receiver, Reggie Wayne, is also from New Orleans.

Rosko said...

Life long and proud citizen of the Who Dat Nation, and I enjoyed the game among over 100 other Saints fan. We could have destroyed that bar, but joy overtook us in a manner in which we never would have rioted in the heart of Wrigleyville.

All I have to say to my home team going to the Super Bowl: Bless you boys!