Friday, January 01, 2010

The best New Year blog entry you will read...

Everything you always wanted to know about the history of New Year's Day, the Julian and Gregorian calendar, the Name and Circumcision of our Lord, British tax policy, papal bulls, the Roman Republic and Empire, April Fool's Day, Japan, Moses and Joshua, the Annunciation, Dennis the Short, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and how it all ties together - right here, told as only the inimitable Past Elder can do it. This one is not to be missed.


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Past Elder said...

Thank you very much for the push -- 1 January 2010 ended up with far and away the most hits in a day ever on Past Elder.

Shameless self-promotion -- just put one up on my hero Loehe, the revised Epiphany one will go up on, well, Epiphany (which is 6 January whatever Rome now says) and the big Empire/Church one in its 2010 revision will go up about 16 January, anniversary date of the founding of the Roman Empire.

Hope you and your readership enjoy!