Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Stellar Performance

The honey-voiced David Gilmour joins his former Pink Floyd bandmate, the gritty-throated Rick Wright, a 40-member string orchestra, lasers, his euphonic, heavenly sounding guitar, and thousands of his best friends in an epic live performance of "Comfortably Numb" in Gdansk in 2006.


Obviously, this is a subjective value-judgment from a non-guitar player, but Gilmour's solo at the end of "Comfortably Numb" has to rank with the greatest performances of guitaric virtuosity in the short history of rock music. It is one of the few solos that I want to go on and on.


Past Elder said...

You know, FH, what the strangest thing is to me about life as a confessional Lutheran? Nothing about crosiers and mitres at all. It amazes me how on those with whom on the one hand I share an understanding of the Lutheran faith should, outside of church music, on the other listen to stuff I never do.

White people sure do make music that goes on and on though. The short history of rock isn't short enough IMHO.

After performing from childhood until 30 and four degrees in music, most of it now just leaves me cold.

OTOH, one of my FB friends posted a Youtube of Jimi doing "Red House" the other day. Oh HELL yes!

Maybe I should hang out on Dave Armstrong's blog more. He's one of the few guys I've found equally capable of getting into Jimi or Wagner at some length. Too bad about the RC thing though.

If I ever get to Gretna, I know you guys have some flat-out Jazz and Blues places so we should be OK.

Past Elder said...

PS I got about 33 playlists on my Myspace though. That's all I use it for, playlists.