Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Po' Boy's Godiva

I am obviously no wine snob - and I'm going to prove it here!

I'm using the term "Po' Boy" not as a sandwich, but rather in a more literal sense of "frugal." If you like Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (but don't like the price), here is something that I think tastes just as awesome, but is only ten bucks a bottle. It is genuinely lovely, in spite of its rather el cheapo sounding name: ChocoVine. It claims to be a "fine French cabernet subtly combined with a rich dark chocolate from Holland." Whatever. The technical term I would employ commensurate with my level of expertise would be "yummy!"

It tastes like the expensive stuff, but is wine rather than liqueur. It is entirely appropriate to drink it in a wine glass in a healthy portion - it is, after all, a creamy chocolate drink, not the sort of thing you want to lap out with your tongue a drop at a time out of a thimble. At 14% alcohol, it can be consumed like any other wine - in good sized glassware.

ChocoVine can be found at Cost Plus World Market, though it doesn't seem to appear on their website.

Anyway, I know chocolate wine is kind of goofy sounding, but it has become a fast favorite at the Hollywood Rectory. But don't anyone get any funny ideas about having chocolate communion wine...


Bror Erickson said...

last night I had the pelasure of drinking some truly great wines if I do say so myself. But it made me sleep in a bit. I started bottling at seven, that is a rare habit for me, as normally I like to pour wine out of bottles, rather than pour wine into bottles. Pour them out in the healthy portions of which you speak. But I finally bottled the "Choke my Cherry Port" a new recipe, but delicious, chokecherry port. Chokecherry wine that is fortified with Brandy. Doesn't take much, trust me. And then I bottled the "Ba Da Bing Cherry Wine." I blended that with some Zin, and it is great. Bing Cherry wine, balanced with Zinfandel, no not that white Zin you get your girlfriends drunk on. But it was truly great, and the cost is even better than that which you have. I estimate, I paid around a dollar a bottle. just had to tell someone.

Sue said...

Chocolate communion wine - LOL!! I can hear the complaints to the altar guild already! We accidentally bought blackberry instead of grape and got complaints about the wine tasting "off".

calov said...

I have had the chance to taste Chocovine. It is not that bad. It was the same tasting that I sampled Porto Kopke Dry White Port. Now that was a treat!