Sunday, April 25, 2010

Confederate History Moment

Two videos about a remarkable place called Americana, Brazil - a little outpost of Confederate America that still exists, as Southern English and Brazilian Portuguese are spoken side by side, where the traditions and customs of the Old South are still practiced by the descendants of unreconstructed Americans who fled to Brazil during occupation.

The first video gives a little more general history, while the second has more personal anecdotes.


Jonathan Harris said...

Hey I love your confederate information. I've read a lot of the books you get your information from. I have a quick question for you though. I haven't run into anything from a Southern perspective yet on the early KKK. I've been trying to find something, anything really- websites, videos, books, whatever. My understanding is that the early KKK was a anti-Reconstruction organization, and the new KKK is a racist organization, but my info comes from just tidbits from various books. I was hoping maybe you could recommend something?

Jonathan Harris said...

Actually...just a follow up. If you could email me your response that would be great. ""

thank you so much.