Thursday, April 08, 2010

New pictures, and some new old pictures, uploaded

Mrs. H. in 1988, three years before we met at an outdoor table right under the awning behind her in this pic, at the Mayflower

Our fifth annual Adult Retreat pics are here. My trek through the French Quarter is chronicled here. And what Crescent City blogger would omit culinary photos? Here are a few pictures of our church for Good Friday and Easter Sunday (including bruch and the easter egg hunt). Our Easter dinner with neighbors and friends can be found here.

For those (like my sister in law Pia) who enjoy the classics, here are some scanned oldies...
At last, I think I'm caught up on scanning. Not that all have been scanned in (by no means!) but these are, I think, the best ones. I have also uploaded a good number of these on facebook. I also learned that you can tag people in facebook pictures even if they aren't on facebook.

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