Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crabby confessionals

Lutherans who pay attention to the confessions of our church often have a reputation for crabbiness. And in South Louisiana, crabbiness is a virtue - at least when it comes to seafood.

Thanks to Ron (wearing the hat) and Shelly Cantrelle (in the red shirt), tonight's Book of Concord class was treated to a first class crab boil. We also had a boatload of shrimp, lots of spicy potatoes, corn, and sausage, and even some mint juleps and some mighty fine desserts.

You can see the pictures here.

We had a wonderful turnout (from every age group) as we took up Augsburg Confession Article 10 on the Lord's Supper. This evening's devotion from the Treasury of Daily Prayer, including a writing from Thomas Kempis, was most fitting indeed.

Thanks, Ron and Shelly, and to everyone else who brought food and drink!

We also had a few other reasons to celebrate. First, it was announced that Dale Barrois, Kelli's husband (both of whom were in attendance), has been received into membership at Salem! Second, the first of our classroom crucifixes has been installed in Schmid Hall, which doubles as our school's lunchroom. Third, our class was enjoyed by former Salem member, Michael Green, currently living in Utah, thanks to teleconferencing by Skype! We got to enjoy our god-daughter, Mike and Amy's baby daughter Jillian, thanks to the wonders of technology.

Mike also kept Leo in stitches.

We really are having a blast studying the Lutheran confessions on Saturday evenings. All are welcome! We typically start around 7:00 pm with a brief order of prayer from the Treasury, followed by our class and discussion on the particular reading from the Book of Concord. Next week: Augsburg Confession Article 11 on Confession and Absolution.

Y'all come! And lâche pas la patate!


Kelly Klages said...

In Baltimore, we just whack our wonderful blue crustaceans with mallets to subdue them. Those big red round server things would be nonexistent. You have to eat crab directly off of the newspaper; ink siphoned off of The Sun is as much a condiment as Old Bay. And beer would happen.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Kelly:

From my time in Philly, I would say that's probably the best use for the Sun as well as for the Inquirer! :-)

Kelly Klages said...

Absolutely! You said what I was thinking as I wrote it.