Thursday, April 15, 2010

"More Taxes at Work" or "It's Good to be (hiccup) King"

Here is a Washington Times article explaining what tax-and-booze-fueled government bureaucrats do best.

And since we have no choice in the matter, here's a little musical message from the taxpayers to the taxdrinkers on this most auspicious of days.


Peter said...

I can't join in your outrage at this one. I mean, isn't it part of an ambassador's official duties to host social gatherings? A lot of work gets done at these types of meetings - - a kind of political gemeutlichkeit. This is no more scandalous, I'd think, than a church's coffee hour.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Peter:

"A lot of work gets done"

Ha! That's good. Government and work are a funny combination of words.

The big difference between government "entertainment" and a church social is that the government operates by confiscating OPM.

We (meaning the federal government) are spending not just money we don't have, but money that is being borrowed by our grandchildren that we don't have.

I say let the crats buy their own Jack Daniels. These people have lived the high life long enough off by riding the backs of the taxpayers.

There is absolutely no sense of austerity or fiscal restrain coming from Washington - not from either party. As far as I know, only one Congressman actually went under his office's budget and returned the excess to the treasury.

I would be stunned if even one state department employee behaved in the same way. When it comes to government budgets, the idea is to "spend, spend, spend."

You can always justify any government expenditure - like a local mayor who was absolutuely shocked that people were upset that the taxpayers paid thousands of dollars to paint flames on the side of his government car. He could not understand why anyone was upset.

But then again, if they were all drunk, they might be able to do less damage than when they're sober...