Friday, April 23, 2010

Leo's Favorite Song... least in the pop/rock genre. I'm not sure how it stacks up against the themes to Spider-Man or Dino-Squad. Iron-Man (the cartoon) may also have Leo-approved music - I'm not sure. But he does like rock and roll - and he assures me that "Rusted From the Rain" by the Canadian band Billy Talent is his fave. Maybe it has to do with his heritage from the Great White North. But for whatever reason, he enjoys both music and video.

The video is quite nice, but was removed from YouTube (I had previously blogged it along with how I found it). But it is available above. One would think that YouTube would be the place a band would want a promotional video to be - but that's not my call.

In case any of the Billy Talent guys are reading, though, y'all might want to get your manager on the horn and ask them if they're on drugs...

Anyway, a couple observations. There are Christological themes in the song and video. "Rust" is a form of corrosion, of corruption, something of the post-fall paradigm. To be "rusted from the rain" is really to be beat down by this fallen world. The main character in the video has indeed been beaten down. He looks weary. He is obviously marginalized. He is an outcast.

And yet, he is patiently and without fanfare taking the junk of the fallen world and redeeming it. He works without recognition in his redemptive work. And in the end, the darkness becomes light, ugliness becomes beauty, the rust yields to luster, junkyard chaos becomes an oasis of concord, and the redeemer-artisan is surrounded by happy children who benefit from his labors.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy today's FH "Canadian content" musical interlude.

PS: The line about being "crushed like a flower" is also vaguely familiar. It may have been from Hammer of God, Diary of the Country Priest, or from the writings of St. Thérèse of Lisieux - maybe Deacon Gaba knows.

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