Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crooked Theology

So, according to the Rt. Rich Rev. Duplanti$, living things cannot be "brought," God is not omniscient, Adam (not God) gave life to all of the animals, and then filled in God's ignorance about creation with his own superior knowledge. The amazing thing is that people (and not just a few) actually believe this nonsense! And shame on Duplantis for exploiting them. It is this kind of person that gives creationism a bad name and furthers the work of Satan in turning the world against the Church and the Scriptures.

If he doesn't repent, he had better hope he's right about man's ability to give life and God's impotence. Pro-tip: There are no private jets in hell.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I couldn't even finish this bushwah. I want those three minutes back. This is a lying, deceiving spirit of anti-Christ. DEMON, OUT!

mollo said...

Wow neill, I only made it about that far too. At first I thought he was just making a joke but the laughter soon left. Bleh.

Kelly Klages said...

How can someone get away with that? Just a quick search on the word "brought" in the Bible shows lots of living creatures, including people, brought from one place to another.


Jonathan said...

Yeah, and I bet he also holds to a "believer's baptism" and the "rapture" and a representation-remembrance-only communion.

So, how far off "main-stream" is he?