Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Siberian Newsletter

Click here for the May 2010 newsletter of the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society.

You will be amazed.


Steve said...

Hi Pastor Bean,
I am very interested in joining the Society of St. Polycarp. I found out about it through Pastor Weedon's page, read the rules of the society, and it sounds like something to which I could truly commit. I tried to email you but received it back. I am a layman and an elder in my church, Nazareth Lutheran Church in Hopewell, Virginia. Please let me know if the society is taking confessional Lutherans as new friends.

Steve Foxx

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Steve:

Please shoot me an e-mail at larrybeane (at) gmail (dot) com.

Steve said...

Hi Pastor,
Did you get my email? Sometimes my letters get blocked because I use a military address. I sent one, please let me know if I need to come up with a different email address.