Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quality of Life Worldwide

Some interesting findings in the 2010 Mercer Quality of Living survey.

This year's top city in terms of quality of life was judged to be Vienna. The small-government, neutral, and guns-and-gold friendly Switzerland has three of the top ten cities, including number two Zurich and number three Geneva.

The top American city (Honolulu) came in a disappointing 31st, well behind Canada's top five cities of Vancouver (4), Ottawa (14), Toronto (16), Montreal (21), and Calgary (28).

Of course, such surveys are rather subjective. But this is an interesting snapshot of our changing world and America's current place in it.


Peter said...

Honolulu's our highest ranking city?

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Peter:

Yep. I've never been to HI, but it looks really beautiful. And, in Honolulu, it seems that even foreigners can get birth certificates. What a city!

The lowest-rated American city was Baghdad. It came in last. I don't think New Orleans was mentioned at all.

What we lack in bike trails we make up in po boys and music. But then again, BP may well eventually send us down the list near Baghdad. Follow the oil...