Monday, May 24, 2010

Salem's New Chasuble

Salem now has a complete year's worth of chasubles custom made for our congregation with the completion of the red chasuble in time for Pentecost.

It joins our purple, green, and white chasubles.

The red chasuble features Luther's Seal, a heraldic emblem employed by Martin Luther that was quickly adopted by the churches of the Augsburg Confession as a symbol of our evangelical Lutheran tradition within the church catholic. It includes Luther's addition of the Latin word "vivit" - which means "He lives!"

Thank you to all the donors who gave generously to beautify our divine worship with these chasubles, and thank you to Mrs. H. for all of her hard work not only in research, design, and sewing, but also in shopping around for the best prices for quality materials and saving us thousands of dollars in the process.

Although we are now completely covered for the church year, there are additional optional colors we can look into getting down the road - especially black for Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and rose for Gaudete and Laetare - if it be the Lord's will.

For the short term, there are already other projects in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Soli Deo gloria!

Leo was outvoted on this design...


Rev. Jack A. Kozak said...

Mrs. H. does wonderful work. Did either of you ever meet Fr. Gene Evans and his wife Aryliss of Zion Detroit? Both died in 2007. I have one of her chasubles.

Pastor Bakker said...

Beautiful! I'll have to plan another trip down to NOLA to see it! :-)

Richsheri1 said...

Is it possible to order one from your wife? I'd love one for Reformation Day.

Hey, maybe I can find out at the retreat in mid-June.

Rich Futrell

Mike Green said...

Beautiful! Way to go, Mrs. Grace!

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Jack:

Mrs. H. says "thanks." I never did meet Fr. Evans, but I have heard of Mrs. Evans' work. What a treasure you have! You should take a picture of it and post it.

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Jon:

Y'all come!

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Rich:

I don't think Mrs. H. is looking to go into business, but you can talk about it at Holy Hill!

Father Hollywood said...

Dear Mike:

We're looking forward to seeing you, Amy, and Jillian!

Richard Bowley said...

I have complete regards for the artistic talent your wife has. Despite my Presiding Bishop's wishes to "keep it simple" (as he thinks an "ornamented" chasuble is a distraction to preaching the Word; all of my chasubles are from Autom and are appropriate for an "ad populum" ELCA altar), I think that the chasuble, if worn properly (and that is at the altar), properly conveys the image of the Minister as a servant of Christ.

Rev. Richard Bowley
Associate Pastor,
St. James Lutheran Church
(Ind. Lutheran Diocese)
Paoli, PA